Saturday, 28 January 2012

Make Up by Virginia Vincent

If you asked me, and I appreciate that you didn't, what book has inspired me the most it would be this great little reprint of a 1932 beauty book.

It's introduction states:

"The purpose of this book is to help you in making up your face, not according to a passing fashion but so that it expresses you. The following pages have been planned to help you emphasize your good features, tone down your poor ones, so that you may make your best appearance every day and enjoy the confidence which that knowledge will give you." 

The book is broken down into sections and advises how to use colors depending on your type -  "The Very Light Blonde", "The Golden Blonde", "The Chestnut Brunette", "The Spanish Brunette", "The Auburn-Haired", "The Titian-Haired" and "The Gray or White-Haired".

The Auburn-Haired Type

The Titian-Haired Type
Colors are recommended for Rouge, Lipstick, Powder, Eye-shadow and Mascaro.

Lots of techniques for emphasizing your good features and toning down your poor ones are also included.

"Less lipstick for Full Lips - if your lips are wide or full do not spread lipstick to the outside edges. Curve the lipstick below the lip-line and notice how much smaller and thinner the lips appear. To reduce the size of the lips use two color lipsticks. The heavier color on the upper lip and the lighter color on the lower lip. Full lips should never have too much lipstick on them. Close your lips over a piece of facial tissue and allow it to absorb the excess amount if you wish to give them a thin covering of lipstick."

"A long eyelid line will add greatly to the expressiveness of your eyes. Extend this line by using an eyebrow pencil at the outside corner of your eye. The pencil should be used lightly and then blotted with your finger tip so that the line lingers vaguely under the powder. This makes your eyes look larger." 

There are loads more useful tips and I will post on these separately over the next few weeks.

In the meantime I am off to London for a couple of days - to work, see friends and also, along with the other Historical Sauces, to host the lipstick testing table at the ZOMG bloggers bash. If you are coming see you there - if not I will write about it on my return.


  1. They still teach a lot of this stuff on beauty & cosmetics courses even now! Very interesting stuff!! X

  2. Will post some more from this book soon as it is absolutely gorgeous.


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